City Trelo Under 30

IREM Real Estate Manager Honored on the IREM List of Under 30 Landlords is Eddy Perez of City Trelo in Florida Receives Honorable Citation. “Eddy’s thirty Under Thirty Recognition from IREM was a surprise to the entire team as he has played an integral part in the lease-for-lease deal with Town Trelo Apartment community,” says Michelle Priesner, VP of operations at KETTLER. “As an apartment manager I am extremely proud to be recognized for our contribution to the neighborhood by IREM and we will continue to do our part for the community,” adds Eddy. “The IREM team prides itself on being very proactive and is committed to helping our communities get up and running as quickly as possible.

“We are proud that our team has taken a lead role in helping to revitalize City Trelo, a struggling community located in a decaying area,” states Bob Skelton, IREM Marketing & Management Director. “As an apartment management professional, I have worked in some of the most challenging neighborhoods in America,” continues Skelton. “Our goal is to help these neighborhoods succeed.

“When we began working with City Trelo, we immediately saw the opportunity to make a positive difference for the residents who reside there and to further the cause of IREM,” says Skelton. “We took an active role in helping the community to plan out the best course of action to improve the community and to attract potential investors and residents.” They worked with City Trelo Management to create a comprehensive marketing plan and developed a strategy to attract new residents to the area.

The IREM team also contributed by organizing a number of community events, including a free town hall meeting to provide information about IREM Real Estate. “We had a great success in City Trelo by making a number of presentations at the town hall meeting and sharing information about IREM Real Estate with the residents,” says Skelton. “We also provided the residents with information about what IREM offers, their unique benefits and some of the things they can expect if they decide to invest in the project. We have been very successful in convincing the residents to invest in the community and to stay for good,” he says.

IREM’s marketing and management efforts include conducting educational seminars and meetings for property owners, property managers, tenant representatives and investment companies. These events help make City Trelo an attractive community for new residents and allow IREM to introduce themselves to a variety of people.

The IREM team is also involved in the community’s economic development by helping to promote City Trelo. “We host an annual community business fair where we bring local businesses together with IREM real estate investors to build relationships and expand their network, including events for the town manager, the city manager and community members,” says Skelton.

City Trelo Apartment is one of several IREM communities which are being constructed. “We are making an investment in one of our neighborhoods to add to our portfolio of developments,” says Skelton. “This will increase the number of homes in this community for renters and owners alike, allowing us to continue to provide a valuable service to our residents,” says Skelton. “IREL is also looking for ways to increase housing opportunities in other neighborhoods that we operate in.

“The IREL Real Estate team will continue to be actively involved in promoting the IREL community in other communities,” says Skelton. “If you are interested in learning more about City Trelo, I recommend looking at the websites of IREL Real Estate and IREL Community Development. Our website can help you learn more about IREM Real Estate as well as IREL’s other projects in the community. There you will also find IREL’s educational programs, and community events such as the business community fair.