Commercial Property Management and the Complete Real Estate Management Programs

Principles of Business Property Management REPC-0015/$585. Through an in depth examination of the complex business of commercial real estate management, develop a complete understanding of the principles, techniques and skills necessary to handle commercial office buildings and mixed-used properties. The principles of this discipline are based on building, finance, accounting, human resources, marketing and government laws and regulations. The program is a full year of study, with an estimated time of completion of approximately two years.

The course includes detailed information on the management of properties for the business owner’s needs, including general business operations, sales and advertising, budgeting, lease-option agreements, contract management and property tax law. In addition, the program discusses various financing options such as bank loans, private capital investors and mortgage-backed securities, all of which can be used to finance commercial real estate properties. The program also covers other important areas, such as tax planning, labor relations, management planning, financial management, marketing and advertising, and government rules and regulations for the development of businesses.

A Business Owner will learn how to use the techniques that make their business profitable while minimizing costs in the process. In addition to this practical knowledge, there are many references to real-life examples that will demonstrate the concepts. The book focuses on several areas that require more detail than the text itself may provide. It will teach how to maximize the return on your investment through building a strong customer base and increasing productivity.

To get the full set of books, DVDs and other materials needed, you must purchase the Complete Real Estate Management Study Guide. This comprehensive guide will cover all areas of study. The material is designed for use by an individual who has a general idea about business but not yet a full-fledged knowledge of the business world. In addition, it covers all the basics of commercial property and will help the reader with issues and questions related to commercial property.

The Complete Commercial Property Management Book also contains a CD that contains a recording of seminars, workshops and webinars designed to help the reader to prepare for his or her next meeting with a manager. It gives tips on handling a manager and the real estate agent by developing an ongoing and effective working relationship.

The business owner must know and understand the different types of property so that they can properly handle them. The complete book provides in depth information on how to market a property, how to negotiate a lease, and how to build your clientele. The book also includes real-life examples of using real estate agents, how to maximize the profitability of a property and the various tools necessary to develop the property.

The Complete Real Estate Management Program is written by an expert with years of experience managing properties and has received the highest ratings among other programs of its kind. The author has designed a program that gives the student everything they need to become a successful commercial property manager. This is an excellent way to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to successfully manage commercial properties. By gaining a thorough understanding of this program, you will be ready to handle properties of any size and complexity.

This program is easy to read and complete. There is no need to enroll in a course just to gain knowledge; the book provides an overall comprehension of real estate principles.

The Complete Business and Managing Real Estate DVD package provides step-by-step instructions and strategies to successfully manage real estate properties and maximize the profits. These DVDs also include valuable strategies, including negotiating a lease, marketing properties, and how to maintain a positive working relationship with your manager.

The Complete Real Estate Marketing and Management DVD package contain a complete demonstration of the techniques involved in this important part of real estate. This program covers all the important aspects of marketing and advertising, the best time and place to promote your property, how to obtain a lease from a reputable agent, and how to hire the best real estate agent for you. The Complete Real Estate Sales DVD offers in depth information on the importance of getting your property priced correctly, developing a listing, marketing to a broad range of customers, how to get a better lease rate, and how to manage sales and pricing. The complete DVD also includes a demonstration of real estate auctions.

The Complete Real Estate Agent DVD provides extensive information on how to deal with different agents and brokers in a way that makes the agent and you both feel comfortable and confident in your relationship. You will learn how to work with real estate attorneys and how to find the right real estate agent to manage your commercial properties.