Getting SIOR Certifications

The SIOR Private Residential & Commercial Real Estate Program has been helping clients for over 15 years in developing a world class real estate market. Now you can take advantage of this outstanding program by completing SIOR Certificates and become a licensed Realtor!

The SIOR Real Estate Certification System is the premier training program for all real estate professionals. The SIOR Certified Specialist in Real Estate (CER) Program is the only accredited training program that prepares you to successfully be a SIOR Realtor. The SIOR Certificate is a must if you want to become an SIOR Realtor.

To become a SIOR Certified Specialist in Real Estate (CRES) you need to complete a course designed by an experienced realtor. The courses are based on the latest industry practices and technology, which will prepare you for success. The courses are divided into modules which include the following:

Real estate law: This module focuses on the laws and regulations concerning real estate. You will learn about the real estate transaction, land ownership, and the different types of transactions including lease purchase, tax lien, rental agreements and title loans. This module includes modules such as state property laws, real property liens, deeds of trust, escrow accounts, and the role of a real estate attorney.

Real estate accounting: This module explains to students about the different accounting methods used in the field of residential real estate. This includes the basics of business accounting, balance sheet method, cash flow analysis and income statement method.

Real estate marketing & sales finance: This module explains the basics of real estate marketing and sales finance. You will also be introduced to various ways of financing the real estate. You will learn how to manage finances, sell properties, manage financial resources and handle the buying and selling of properties. This module also teaches how to deal with financial transactions, land trusts and financing.

Real estate law: This module covers the subject matter related to commercial and residential real estate. You will learn about the different types of real estate transactions, land ownership, financing and title records. You will also learn about contracts and how to enforce them. This module is highly recommended for the beginners.

SIOR Certificates offers you hands-on training that is tailored to help you become an SIOR professional. Certified Specialist in Real Estate. With these modules, you will learn all the important aspects that you need to know about the real estate industry so you can become a successful Realtor.

If you want to become a real estate professional, there are a few steps you need to take to become a certified SIOR professional. The steps include becoming an independent contractor or consultant by enrolling for an online course.

Once you have gained knowledge, you will have to train yourself in the field of real estate. This training can be provided by any private or public institution. You can either learn from an actual SIOR specialist or through the internet.

Once you are trained, you need to pass the certification exam. This exam can be taken from a certified SIOR specialist or from any accredited university or school.

There are a number of online courses that you can use to obtain SIOR certifications. such as SiorCAS, SIORC, and SIORICS. Once you are certified, you will be able to use the SIOR certificates as your credential in the industry. The only way to improve your career in the real estate industry is to continue learning and expanding your knowledge.

To enhance your career, it is best to continue your training even after you get your certificate. Continue your education by taking the SIOR certifications.