How to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant

As we continue our journey through the CPE training and exam industry, a new set of certification is being put on the map: the Acom Certification. This is not only a great opportunity to gain knowledge, but also a valuable tool for career advancement as the certification demonstrates that you are well versed in a particular area and has become an accepted method of measuring skill and knowledge within your chosen profession.

The Acom Certification is gaining in popularity as companies across the world are looking for ways to ensure their employees have acquired the knowledge necessary to pass their job duties. There are currently five different types of these exams. The first is Airmass which is a two-part examination that consists of an essay question and an on-the-spot test. The next is ATC which is a three-part exam consisting of an essay, practice question and on-the-spot test.

In the Acom certification exam, the student must answer as many questions as they can with regards to the topic on which they are being tested. Some of the questions asked will include; “How many points are awarded on every type of job?” “What factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a company?”

As students progress throughout their courses, they must demonstrate good comprehension skills and be able to answer questions based on their learning, reasoning, and study skills. As part of the process, students are asked to research for their own topics and take notes, making it very easy to retain the information required. They are also expected to apply the information learned within the exam to real life situations, using the answers to come up with solutions or problems within the course.

The exams are designed to help determine an individual’s current knowledge on a specific subject. If the student successfully completes all five Acom tests, then they can become a certified nursing assistant.

While there are many different levels of these programs, the most common level is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), and after that comes the Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN). Once the student has completed this level, they will have earned their Acom Certification.

Students must pass all of the CPE exams in order to earn their certification as a CNA. Once they earn their Acom certification, they will be required to take continuing education courses that will provide the student with more information regarding the field, such as the changes in the rules of the licensing process.

Students who have completed their Acom certifications are always considered a professional in their field and are preferred over new nurses because of their years of experience in the nursing field. This is an excellent opportunity to gain employment and further your career.

Becoming a CNA does not require any kind of prior experience in the field. There is a CNA training program that a student can complete once they have their Acom certification in order to improve their skill and knowledge in the field.

There is another option that a student may consider, but one that is quite expensive, and that is to enroll in a two year CNA nursing assistant course. While this option will require students to spend more money, it is certainly worth it because it gives students the opportunity to work hands-on with actual patients in a clinical setting and get real world experience that they may not have otherwise.

As a CNA you will learn about the different areas of patient care and how they are monitored and cared for. You will also learn how to help a patient in a variety of ways, including performing basic tasks, taking vital signs, administering medications, and answering the many common questions patients ask.

As you can see, becoming an Acom certified nursing assistant is not only a stepping stone for those who want to make the jump to becoming a Registered Nurse, but it is also a rewarding career and a good way to prepare for a career in the future. If you have the desire to help others and are eager to learn, then the CNA field is perfect for you.