Volunteering With I REM Chicago

IREM Chicago chapter is The Virtual I REM Summit: Motivate 2020: Build the Network of a Lifetime, held August 10-11 at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Spa. I REM Chicago Chapter Chairperson Kris Cramer is joined by CPA Robert Stolpmann, CBT Dr. Jennifer Hochman, CMT Dr. Karen Gifford, and IRIH’s Dr. Peter Davenport.

The keynote speaker for I REM Chicago was Dr. Robert Cone, Chairperson for the IREM Chapter. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in the field of accounting and consulting. He also presented a short speech about his book, What Everyone Should Know About the IREM Chapter.

IREM Chicago Chapter Chairperson Kris Cramer also presented a report on her CPA Mastermind Panel discussion, which discussed the role of the accountant in the client’s success. She also presented a review of her recent book “You’re the Expert”. CPA Robert Stolpmann presented a keynote address, entitled, How to Get CPA Certified. CPA Robert Stolpmann received the Mastermind Award for his book and leadership role in CPA.

IREM Chicago Chapter has recently been working with the Illinois Association of Certified Public Accountants to assist the association in establishing a certified public accounting (CPA) program in their chapter. This program will be based at the IREM Chicago location. The IREM Chapter will have the opportunity to select the CPA that will work with them. IREM Chicago Chapter CPA program will include financial management as an accounting coursework. As a part of the program, IREM Chicago Chapter members will take classes that are specific to their CPA designation.

I REM Chicago Chairperson Kris Cramer received the Lifetime Achievement Award for her past work with IREM Chicago and she was recognized for her role in the CPA community. The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented at the same time as the annual CPA Chapter Leadership Dinner. Kris Cramer is the CPA Chapter Chairperson.

The CPA chapter of me REM Chicago has been working hard to improve their chapter’s recognition. One of their newest projects is I REM Chicago Chapter’s official website. A recent article in the Chicago Business Journal described some of their activities. They are also working with the CPA Chapter in the Illinois Association of Certified Public Accountants.

I REM Chicago Chapter has recently been working with the IREM Chapter, which is located in Chicago, IL. The two chapters are teaming up to provide a CPA Mentorship program, where I REM Chicago CPA Chapter Chairperson Kris Cramer will be working with the IREM Chapter to help make the two chapters work well together. The project is part of the I-REM Chicago Chapter’s initiative to work to further the development of I REM Chicago as a strong, thriving and successful chapter. I REM Chicago also supports I REM Chicago’s CPA Chapter Program to raise funds for the organization.

The two chapters are excited to help each other grow and make the Chicago area a better place to live. They know that I REM Chicago is a wonderful resource to their respective members. Both the I REM Chapter and I REM Chicago welcome any CPA Chapter volunteers who would like to learn more about this relationship.

I REM Chicago Chapter is looking for CPA Chapter volunteers who are interested in helping the local area to improve. I REM Chicago welcomes both experienced and inexperienced, I REM Chicago volunteers who are interested in volunteering their time, talents and expertise to help improve the quality of life in the Chicago area. I REM Chicago will also help those who are new to CPA Chapter volunteer opportunities or would like to help in a non-leadership capacity. I REM Chicago welcomes all volunteers.

I REM Chicago Chapter is also working with I REM Chicago CPA Chairperson Kris Cramer to make sure that I REM Chicago CPA chapters in other cities and counties can offer CPA Chapter volunteering opportunities. The goal of this initiative is to help CPA chapters in other cities and counties offer CPA Volunteer opportunities to those who want to give back to their chapters.

I REM Chicago chapters should contact the chapter chairperson of the chapter where they live for details on I REM Chicago volunteer opportunities. I REM Chicago volunteers can also register for volunteer opportunities in the area where they live.

I REM Chicago welcomes volunteer opportunities from volunteers who are interested in becoming involved in the Chicago Chapter. If you would like to volunteer with I REM Chicago or its chapter, please visit our website for more information.