Who is the Mysterious Man in the Parking Lot at Commercial Real Estate and Covid-19?

“Commercial Real Estate and Covid-19” by John R. Geddes is a fast-paced thriller that has been called an intriguing mixture of the mystery genre and the thriller genre. It’s a great read, one that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

John R. Geddes begins his story by introducing us to a man named John Blaine. He works as a writer for the Chicago Daily News. He is an “expert in the field of finance.”

One day, he finds an envelope with an urgent note from someone who knows who killed the President of the United States. John gets into a car accident with the man and gets severely injured. The driver of the other car, who is not injured, pulls over and tells him about the accident.

The driver, however, is not the same man that left the note at the airport. He informs him that the note is from a mysterious individual who works for a secret company in Chicago and is threatening to reveal his identity unless John discloses the identity of the President. John agrees to meet the person in the parking lot.

When the man arrives, John is sitting in the passenger seat waiting for the doors to open. He goes into the back seat with a woman who seems to be very familiar with his work. She seems to be a friend of John Blaine and they talk briefly before John opens the door and walks out of the parking lot.

As John drives down his street, he starts getting calls from the same unknown number. These calls are all threatening to reveal information about President Kennedy. John decides to meet this person face-to-face so he can confront him about his activities.

When John arrives at the meeting place, he gets to know the man. He explains to him what he does for a living and he tells him about his love of the President. The man tells him that he was hired to protect the President, but it has not been easy. for him.

At first, John is reluctant to meet the man. He realizes that the man may have a sinister intent. and that he may have done something that was unethical. before he leaves to meet him, he asks to see a file in which he keeps his credit card numbers. and the name and number for the other person in his life.

John goes to meet the man at his place. He goes into the back seat with a friend of his who is there to help. He asks the man if he knows anything about the name and number of the person on his phone bill. the man says that the person is not a Secret Service agent, and that he is not the president.

When John tells him that he has seen a person’s name and number on his bill, the man tells him that his name and number are already on his bill, but he did not write it down. He then tells John that he is an agent for a certain firm and tells him to call him. and explain himself.

When John reaches the office of the man he claims to be an agent, he realizes that it is the Secret Service. He asks if there is any way for him to prove his identity to confirm his account.

John explains that if he has seen his name and number on the bill, he can get it through the phone. John informs him that he will give him the name and number of his Secret Service detail. When John leaves with the information, the man tells him that he will meet with him next week to discuss how to use the information.

A few days later, John arrives to see his agent. He tells him about the man and tells him that he wants to meet him at a hotel in the next town. in the case where the man has something important to give him.