“Amo Irem” by Ishmael Beehler

The novel “Amo Irem” by Ishmael Beah lies at the beginning of the twentieth century. The novel tells the story of one man – Amo Irem – whose wife and child had been murdered by her brother. However, what is more interesting to know is that Amo’s brother had committed suicide and Amo has been forced to leave his home and start a new life with his sister and his brother’s widow.

There is a large community of widows in this region where the Amo Irem has lived since the late 19th century. This is because during this time a large number of people had left their homes and migrated to the city of Lagos, which was at the time in the Portuguese province of Benin. This created a large number of widows as well as orphaned children and families had to take care of them.

What is fascinating about “Amo Irem” is that it tells the story of how the widows and orphans are brought together by their families. Most of these women were either orphans themselves or married widows who had been widowed by a violent death. They also met other women who had lost a husband to death too. Their reunion is a great opportunity for the women to learn and grow.

What is more intriguing about Amo Irem is that the narrator (the main character) narrates his own life in the background. He tells us what happened, but in the context of other people’s lives. He talks to the people around him but he rarely explains to the readers. This creates an illusion and allows the reader to create their own interpretations of events.

Another aspect of “Amo Irem” that makes it intriguing is the use of subplots. Subplots are stories that are set at different locations in the story and they help the reader to understand the plot. They are often related to the main plot, but they do not necessarily have to be the same as it.

The main plot of “Amo Irem” revolves around the story of how Amo and his sister move from their village to a slum and later on to a city. In the beginning of the book, it seems as if this is the end of the world. When Amo sees the poverty in Lagos and how the people are dying from disease, he starts to think that this is a great opportunity to lead a better life. The only problem is that he does not have much money to buy food for himself and his sister.

As the book goes along, Amo becomes a leader in the slum and becomes a successful businessman. This is where we come to know his real personality. He also learns how to be an entrepreneur and how he manages his business and how he learns to be a person who is independent and responsible. His real life experiences and real successes make his actions and decisions appear rational and legitimate. At this point in the book, it appears that everything will go well and Amo will become successful and rich.

What is interesting to note about “Amo Irem” is that the book tells us that there are some dark sides of Nigeria as well. Some people live in poverty, whereas others live in luxury. There is even a scene where the narrator sees a man who was once one of the leaders of the Lagos slums starving to death. The narrator comments that they live in poverty and still live like they are in luxury, which does not seem to bother him. But then later in the book, we see a man who is in Lagos who has a family who is in debt and he refuses to give them anything and that is exactly what Amo does.